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Welcome to the beginning of your Charmed Life!

Set in present day San Francisco, California, the current cycle of Good versus Evil has come to a standstill, neither side able to overcome the other. The only hope that remains for the good of the supernatural world is to wait for the emergence of chosen ones capable of turning the tide to preserve the "greater good." The issue with that is, the chosen ones are latent, unaware of their own existence as magical beings and living their lives as regular humans. As one of those humans, you have just decided to move into Chrysanth Manor, about to embark on your journey of discovering your magical heritage as you try to live your life however you wish.

Inspired by the TV series, Charmed (Original), the lore offered in this server diverges from the series so that you, your friends, and anyone else, can be a part of the story as main characters. You have the freedom to choose how to live your supernatural life as one of the many unique races we offer here, such as Witches, Whitelighters, and even races such as Demigods and Dæmon.

We offer:
✦ Unique lore and races
✦ Freedom to choose your powers
✦ Literate roleplay
✦ Multiple channels for you to chat and role play
✦ An overarching plot that you can freely follow
✦ Interactive quests and side plots
✦ A safe environment for anyone respectful to the rules
✦ Friendly, active, and competent staff team
✦ And more for you to find out!

If you're interested and wish to check us out:
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Bpaj Bpaj
Amazing Server
I am a member of the Charmed Life community and have been for 3 weeks now. This is a truthful review so I won't be holding back. This server is just...amazing, they have great applications for characters that staff members check through thoroughly. A brilliant owner who 1. Spends time on the server even when she works, 2. Takes time to read through applications, 3. Helps people when they need help. 4. Is a person I look up to.
The staff are kind and respectful and are chosen specifically because they deserve the privilege of being staff. They are a no-Nsfw server so they accept all ages and all sexualities.
If you join, you will not regret it, I don't and no one else does either.