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Devially [HIATUS] Devially [HIATUS]
This server is kind of... eh
I wouldn’t call this server special exactly. Sure, you get your character approved almost instantly and sure it’s active, but it just seems to be one of those toxic servers. I joined I think a few days and I’ve seen so much drama between the members and the staff already. I don’t even know what they were arguing about... I think it was because someone didn’t trust the co-owner, or something like that. To me, it seems like this place isn’t all that greatly moderated since I rarely see the owner online AND it looked like they were just handing out the mod role all willy nilly. Also, the staff pings everyone a lot for nonsense that no one really cares about that much. The lest they could do was create a role like “Announcements” or something for people that care about random crap. Besides that, no one here is any good at roleplaying. They all write one liners, sometimes barely even a sentence! Me, personally, I can write at least a paragraph when I roleplay and it’s hard to understand people who don’t write much. The least people could do is use proper grammar, which is pretty rare honestly. This server honestly does have lots of potential, though. There’s nice organization, events, and the majority of the members are pretty nice. I just wish they had much better staffing and better roleplayers.
XXII-ette XXII-ette
Admin response
Hi CatsAreGoodBois, thank you for your review. This is XXII-ette the Head Admin, and I will try to sort this out ASAP. I’ve also have been getting agitated by the @ Everyone pings and I've been trying to convince them to use the @ Announcements pings we introduced ages ago. Sorry about the drama I know that was a bad first impression, I will try to deal with that whenever I’m on from now on.

Thanks again,
Patty Patty
Perfect yandere sim server.
The staff team always has at least 2 people on whom approve ocs. ocs are approved at a nice pace yanderes are full so are senpais the rp is active and is NOT A pure 95% nsfw server like that other one I rated. The admins are actually nice and fair the owner is NICE. The rp is perfect of course it still has nsfw but it's more like a time over time thing I have been here for simply 2 days and my experience here is perfect I already love everyone here I apprehended my first yandere here and I'm happy please come join this server. It is fun and filled with tons of nice people admins mods owners cos and members trust me this is the best yandere server you can join right now