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Devially Devially
This server is absolutely terrible!
(Edited AGAIN)
Please don’t join this server. It’s absolutely TERRIBLE. From what I’ve seen, the staff doesn’t communicate, no one even rps anymore, the owner doesn’t even communicate with the members. The staff is biased against the community, and their adding on to a so-called “plot” that’s never been mentioned before otherwise. The staff got mad at one person (Patty) for trying to take charge while no one else would, which ended up making them leave. Worst thing about it... they were the most active. Besides Patty, only on other person ever rped, so now it’s just dead. Not to mention, the owner never responds to you seriously when you try to bring something up. They only respond with emojis and things and I doubt they actually consider anything you have to say. Really though, just PLEASE don’t join this. You’ll leave 5 minutes afterward
XXII-ette XXII-ette
Admin response
Hi CatsAreGoodBois, thank you for your review. This is XXII-ette the Head Admin, and I will try to sort this out ASAP. I’ve also have been getting agitated by the @ Everyone pings and I've been trying to convince them to use the @ Announcements pings we introduced ages ago. Sorry about the drama I know that was a bad first impression, I will try to deal with that whenever I’m on from now on.

Thanks again,
Patty Patty
I Agree with the other person. Aside from the new ownership
This server is now dead and inactive. An attempt to revive it had gone wrong as one of the head admins has several conditions which makes me question there staff roles as a head admin. Unless you want to help bring this server back to life then this server is for you. But if you don't like how both owners are sometimes inactive (one of them have work so it's understanble the other idk) 1 co owner is on and is my bestie Momo is really nice and fair to every one. But I'm only giving 2 stars for nice members a half a good staff team. And rp that happens rarely