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Just memes, games, friends and fun!!
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AncientSpook AncientSpook
One of the best servers
Iam ancient wonder, a member in discord who used to have a minecraft gaming addiction with over 3k hours in total, i never had discord servers to chat, I only had them to check Mc servers status etc, this is the first and only server I ever chatted on and love, indeed one of the best welcoming community and comforting people
FutabaTheInkling FutabaTheInkling
A Bundle Of Joy-CNN
Amazing server,with great community and lots of nice people.One of the owners is also very kind and well worth knowing(I’m looking at you ness)
oudm oudm
Im DK and my dong very hard right now also join Mother 4 and Earthbound Rhapsody wuh oh and also Entropy Zero 2's Discord if you're gamer yes I'm challenging you
W u h o h s t i n k e, h e h e p o o p y h e h e h e!
Also a'm a Netflix adaptation version of DK and my dong Kong very hard right now.
-Gaben Newell Creator of Half-Life 3 (REDACTED)
PS I'm out of bananas please give me bananas or I will go ripe banana mode WUK UK AK AK! *megalovania smash bros playing in the background* So we back in the mine got our pickaxe swinging from side to side. Side side to side this task a grueling one hope to find some diamonds to-night, night, night, night night night night- CUZ BABY TONIGHT!!! IM A GNOME AND YOU'VE BEEN GNOM!!!
Also please join this server it doesn't have much people in it so it would be great if you could join it! :D
Also Everyone in the reviews are right! People in the server are kind everyone always try to help eachother! Though maybe they are some who are not very kind but its okay other good people will back you up, if someone tried to bully you :p
also make sure to set most of the channels on @mention only messages are unpredictable just like my HARDENED DONG KONG WAH-HOO!
Also bullies can eat my golden shiny bananaly legendary poop sock from hit-game undertale and deltarune! >:o

and pleas gav me banana or i will go SAND SKELETON MODE or I give you stinke TOM CAT!!!!
Okay I'm gonna go take a poop now.
Be yourself in this server we won't judge you. :D
Ok Im in toilet and gonna poop very hard
SpoooooKen Amada SpoooooKen Amada
Meme Dream
Amazing, Honestly better than any other meme server, now this server isn't a toxic server, they're very nice to talk to and has a lot of games to talk about, Persona, Mario, Smash bros, Earthbound/Mother, Kirby, and many more.