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Just memes, games, friends and fun!!
We're a growing community and we're looking for people from all kinds of fandoms (Fire Emblem, Persona, Touhou, Mother, SMT and much much more) to come by and talk with one another!
Kazuya Minegishi Bumped 2 days ago

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⭐Jolyne Kujo⭐ ⭐Jolyne Kujo⭐
Meme Dream is funni server
To be honest,I was gonna leave discord as I felt out of place there, then I found a place called meme dream and now I actually get to communicate with people properly, especially recently, the server has gotten less chaotic and now I feel I can have better conversations,the people there a really nice and I have made lots of friends over my almost 10 month time there
11 days ago
D4rkSh4dow D4rkSh4dow
Very good server and social
This server is really good and social. Mods and the people are chill, fun bots, interesting channels and many more!
123 days ago
×‖Max|The CEO of loyalty‖× ×‖Max|The CEO of loyalty‖×
( •-•)>
when i got invited by one of the members I was still new I thought no one would accept me on that server, but guess what? everyone treated me very goodly, MEME DREAM is the best server you can be on, no toxic people, no bully and very nice memes (lol)
127 days ago
Probably Not Edward Probably Not Edward
I love ✨✨MEME DREAM✨✨! Ever since I joined this server, I felt as though I am liked by every one, well, at least everyone. I'm given the respect I need and I respect others back too. This server is funny in all sorts of ways. I get to post all the memes I want, and they have Pokecord as well! The owners of this server take good care of this server, and so do the mods. I hope the people of this server see this review and I hope you appreciate the kind comment I've given on this server. Y'all are the best!!
179 days ago