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Welcome to Thick-Fil-A
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A friendly Community with A Variety of channels and Unique people you can meet!
We also have..
♡-Wonderful staff team-♡
♡-Variety of Different Channels/Bots-♡
♡-Self assignable roles-♡
♡-Daily fun channels-♡
♡-Custom roles-♡
**DM the owner if you have any questions**
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reet kanker reet kanker
fun and just an amazing server all around. join if you like fun community driven servers
209 days ago
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Ema Ema
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389 days ago
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Lee Lee
Staff team is very unprofessional.
Staff applications required an email and they did not understand that some users may not want to provide their email just to apply for their staff team. They shouldn't apply altogether to be quite fair. They are very rude and disrespectful.

The Applications:
I made note that providing an email may be a bit too much personal information and they were very very annoyed by the fact I pointed that out. It's unnecessary information and you can complete a Google Form without an email. They were very frustrated and I also reflected their frustration.

Admin: You make me want to chuck my phone at a wall.
Me: You make me want to chuck myself out the window.

Not harmful, right? Until they basically tried to encourage me to do it and said they wanted me to die.

This server is not worth the time and effort. It needs SERIOUS improvement before I personally consider it a good server.

If an Admin would like to add me, it is Dionysus#2000. We can speak in DMs, until then, fix your server and don't be rude to users, otherwise you won't get the traffic you want.

Edit: Screenshots to provide users who are reading this review:
( ) - Encouraging
( ) - She wants me to burn in hell lol.
( ) Just unprofessional.

Edit 2:

This server is not even worth the time and day. The owner doesn't listen to a single piece of feedback because you wanna know why? ( )

the fact my opinion of this review is not POPULARISED means it's totally invalid and shouldn't even be taken into consideration.
THE BIAS of her behaviour is evident in this screenshot too.
She goes on: ( ) ( )

These screenshorts in a nutshell: she doesn't give a single fuck about anyones opinion except her own. She doesn't believe she did anything wrong when she told me to go kill myself.

Case fucking closed.

TL;DR (Too long didn't read): Owner is up her own ass and won't listen to feedback. Also told a user to kill themselves.

By the way, I was able to offer screenshots, while the admin response couldn't. Choose who you believe wisely.
baby baby
Admin response
Yes, because you totally weren't blatantly disrespecting my staff as well. Making constant complaints about everything you saw. You were the one causing the issue overall, that was just the outcome of it all. I apologize for everything that happened, but you as well need to rethink your actions before you use them. You were asked to stop a conversation on a topic, which you didn't end. You were horribly disrespectful to my staff as well.
Edit) xd I'm kinda done with your bs.
Considering I listened to all of your opinions and then added you onto my staff team, before you decided to argue with me about where NSFW things were appropriate. We apologized and got along with things, until you decided to go behind my back, and talk to one of the members of my staff, and GUILT them into backing out and leaving. You're just manipulative, and send things out of context. I apologized for the things that had happened, and I took responsibility for my actions and those things have never happened again. But you're not the kind of person I wanna take advice from because of how manipulative you are. Point blank, you're not as innocent as you seem hun xd.
Edit 2) Once again ahah, this kid came into my DMs and started telling me how everything I was saying is wrong, how I need to “use my brain” and he isn’t manipulative and shit when He STRAIGHT UP manipulated one of my admins into leaving. Not the person he thinks I’m talk about, he came intonmy dms and provided evidence on how he “didn’t manipulate” this person into leaving and it was dm messages with the wrong person 🤔. Not to mention the fact that the person he’s talking about is a person who decided to participate in our NSFW topics and then leave and say “the server is just too nsfw for me” 😊 xd im sorry but, you run with the wrong crew sweetheart. You pick the people you know will follow you around, and do whatever you say. To band up against people who won’t. I’m sorry that you’re such a narcissistic person, and think the world revolves around you and your opinion. But it doesn’t. There are hundreds of other people on the server, none of which have any of the same opinions as you. Because you were the one causing the issues you just didn’t seem to put that in screenshots. But everyone else on the server seemed to see that lmao.
393 days ago