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School of Arts
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School of Arts

Welcome to the School of Arts!
A server for all creative enterprises - from photography to drawing to cooking!
༄ A place to meet fellow creators and discuss art in all its forms
༄ Post your work for all to see - get feedback, help, and tips from fellow artists and veterans of the craft
༄ Participate in contests and win prizes!
༄ Beautifully designed server!
༄ Nitro Boost Level 3- post those big 100MB files!
━━━━━━.·:·.◕.·:·. ━━━━━━
༄ Fully customizable - choose which channels you like to see
༄ Myriad roles for all creative endeavors, countries, and more
༄ Many bots for suggestions, polls, games, and more
༄ Welcoming staff and friendly atmosphere
༄ RSS channels from various art feeds from across the internet
Looking forward to having you!
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Ratings & Reviews

10 reviews
Kirsti Kirsti
Great community
This is a great community for increasing your knowledge on your artistic hobby (for me, that’s mainly photography and photo editing). It also is a great group to join to add work to your portfolio because the continual themes, for me, have helped me expand my creativity and work outside of what I would typically do. There’s also opportunities for constructive feedback, which is great for further development as well.
29 days ago
🌸 Aubey! 🌸 🌸 Aubey! 🌸
Extremely friendly people, great staff, awesome community.
This server is one of the best on discord. The staff are kind and fair, the community is welcoming, and the overall atmosphere is great.

Extremely well moderated, zero spam, zero trolls. The community is packed full of artists of many disciplines, from photography to stained glass. If you want to join a community of artists, this is the right server for you.
54 days ago
Raptor Raptor
Amazingly positive community for creatives
SoA is an amazingly run server. Very organised and well staffed. The community is extremely positive and offers helpful, constructive critique.

* Active general chat with a lot of regular users.
* Self assignable roles / permissions to customise the server to your preferences
* 18+ community
* Great contests with prizes
* Giveaways
* Level 3 Nitro Boost Benefits (at time of writing)

Why haven't you joined yet?
134 days ago
Acedious Acedious
SoA is by far the best server on Discord. High quality conversations, pretty funny chit chats, maximum diversity, ever-developing moderating team and amazing content. What else do you want from a server?
135 days ago