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Lost Type II
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Lost Type II

A degenerate MBTI server. You should still join.
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septain septain
Dank Server
Almost anything goes bro. There's a little bit of something for everyone. Give it a shot and you may find yourself addicted.
56 days ago
Pawsy Pawsy
sorry dude i thought you was an oooooooooooooooobject
i'm just dancin to the hum of your fridge dude
59 days ago
7 2
♔ Phoenician Prince ♔ ♔ Phoenician Prince ♔
It seems I've hurt butts.
Let me start off by saying I don't think the server is worth five stars, just not a fan of false reviews. It's a shitposting typology server filled with degenerates.

Ameno here isn't banned nor was he banned at any point, Ameno joined the server looking for typology help and when his lack of English skills didn't get him the help he wanted he insulted Staff, so I insulted him back until he left the server.

I'm not certain where he got the SJW bullshit from but Ameno was the one who had his feelings hurt and left, I'm pretty sure he's only a kid who's weirdly trying to pretend to be rich.
183 days ago
2 6
Ameno Ameno
I receive Gay chat and gay Asking dor sucking my cock from Phoenician Prince

And he banned me for thats when i simply said in the chat after crying like a bitch.

Don't go ibn he is an SJW bitchy. Please men just be a man stop being a white Pro Hillary bitch.
189 days ago