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tl;dr professional server, amazing community

Welcome to osu!trainners! Before joining, you may have the following questions:

What is the point of this server?
Our goal with this server is to maintain a non-toxic and friendly environment for the people who love osu! There are places to share your scores, hangout, or post maps that you created. Once you reach level 5 you will gain the ability to advertise your streams! The emotes are also pretty high quality👌

What should I do here?
You can share your osu! scores with the community, ask for some advice about osu! or just chat with everyone. Also consider participating in giveaways!

Why should I join this server?
This server has friendly members of the osu! community across all 4 modes, not only mania and standard! The staff team is friendly and willing to help with any problems you may have!

We're accepting of all members of the osu! community, regardless of your rank and skill. You'll enjoy your stay in osu!trainners!
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Ratings & Reviews

4 reviews
Lily Lily
Organized Server
This server is very organized with its channels, using channel categories well. The community is active and helpful, voice chat's are active with lots of people to watch you screenshare if you wanna flex or ask for help. The main modes are standard and mania here. While there is talk about the other modes, it isn't as in depth or active. Overall this server is very inclusive and nice to people.
ExenOliri ExenOliri
Admin response
Hopefully we can flesh out ctb and taiko lol. Thanks for leaving a review 👍
43 days ago
Geo Geo
one of the best osu servers out there tbh
super fun place to vibe, people are all chill and funny as fuck, actually one of my fav servers by a long shot. Defo worth checking out ~~Exen-Oliri :ahh:~~
ExenOliri ExenOliri
Admin response
Thanks for taking the time to review us man :ahh:
66 days ago
समलि .्गी. समलि .्गी.
Lit AF server
(just a warning this server is like 75% mania) this server is amazing. the people in the server are very nice and supportive even to a trash normie mania player such as I. The peeps there are also pretty funny and lit :> I don't talk in this server much but when I do it's always very fun. (also the peeps there are smart as hecc and might literally know everything) I'm trash at reviewing so oof... Anyway top tier server must join if u play osu!
ExenOliri ExenOliri
Admin response
appreciate the kind words, standard has definitely caught up with mania activity now lol
120 days ago
Froggy Froggy
Splendid server
The staff are one of the greatest people I ever talked to and as well as the rest on the server. This people are kind, respectful, gives great advises, and know how to give a laugh.
ExenOliri ExenOliri
Admin response
Appreciate the review bro 😘
157 days ago