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Troglodyte Den
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Troglodyte Den

Current name: Troglodyte den (Because it can)

All servers has its own uniqueness, my friend (the owner) wants to grow this server and make it into a place where people can hangout and look at epic funny memes lol. The server isn't only for memes, we have bots if it isn't already surprising. You can interact with the server more then just chatting, tbh I don't know what else to say. It is just an EPIC community server for people to hangout.

The server also includes trading w/ dankmemer, we make sure that you won't get scammed with our moderators. In future, the server will get heists so you all can get money like some other dank memer servers :). We will also do giveaways once we have enough members, members like you that join and make the server a better place!!

We would love for people like you to join our server and make it active and fun. We appreciate that you join the server, when you join the server, you have to go through 3 verification phrases like, your gender, age and last of all is verify so you can access the rest of the server.

We hope you enjoy our server, have a nice day! Goodbye
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