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LGBTQ+ Hangout

✧꧁࿌┈ Welcome to LGBTQ+ Hangout •༶꧂✧

| LGBTQ+ Hangout is a very friendly LGBTQ+ community with members from all around the world who love to chat, meme and all round just have a good time! This is a very safe environment and we love and accept everyone for who they are! |

⫸ Friendly Community.
⫸ LGBTQIA+ Friendly.
⫸ Self roles to choose from + Color options!
⫸ Fun bots to use.
⫸ Partnerships.
⫸ Game-nights!
⫸ Fun Events!
⫸ Interactive channels such as QOTD
⫸ Active Staff members.
⫸ Mostly teens here but everybody is welcome!
⫸ Somewhat Edgy lol
⫸ Somewhat cutesy.
⫸ Growing everyday!
⫸ And much more so come join!
We would love for you to come here and get to know you better, and possibly become friends as well! Our server is slowly growing everyday so we hope you get a chance to join and come along with us on this amazing journey! ☆ We hope to see you soon! uwu

✧︵‿︵‿︵‿︵ ‿︵‿︵‿︵‿︵✧

Andy! Bumped 3 days ago

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Andy! Andy!
Friendly Members
The members in this server are super friendly and nice! Once you join this server people usually greet you and there is tons of things to talk about because there are people from all around the world.