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Animation Plantation

Animation Plantation is home to many talented, amateur, and even beginner animators! The server also includes friendly voice actors and actresses, musicians, writers, and all types of artists! We encourage all forms of art, and we're dedicated to collaborating, giving tips, and helping each other out on projects. Featuring many different art channels! We also love playing games, eating junk food, and participating in contests! Age 13+ only!
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Ratings & Reviews

6 reviews
yvٴٴ yvٴٴ
Amazing warm server
I've been a part of this server for a while and I've loved every bit of it, the people are amazing and loving and there's a bunch of talent everywhere.
zobgob zobgob
okay so this server is lit
theres so many fucking funny people in here. i keep hopping in vc, and the admins are so much fun to be around. the server is genuinely friendly.
Gianni Gianni
Just wow
The art here its unreal such talented and welcoming people !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
catium catium
Amicable community, good conversation. Noticeably dynamic with heaps of useful and adept folks. Could not seek greater!