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Welcome to Halcyon!
A new server created for people to hang out and make new friends! we are all pretty chill and will welcome pretty much anyone into the server as long as you abide by the rules.
however, this server will not allow any toxicity. We aspire to create a friendly community on Discord where it wont be interrupted by toxic players and trolls!

Features of the server include:
- Self Roles - introduce yourself!
- Music channel - share/play your own music/instruments!
- many text channels, to share your hobbies and talents such as art, music and even show off your cute pets too!
- Voice Channels to interact with people
- OWO bot
- Marriage bot
- PokeCord - gotta catch ‘em all!
- TTS bot - in many languages/accents !

and much more to come! we hope that you join us!
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Ils_ont Ils_ont
Before I joined this server, I was single and depressed
After joining it I'm single and less depressed