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Welcome to Pride!

This server welcomes everyone, from straights to homosexuals! This server includes the following:

* NSFW channel for those over 18
* Fun bots such as kawaiibot
* Lots of channels to keep you occupied
* Wholesome people that will support you!
* Great administrators who will protecc.

Hope you enjoy your stay! <3
Razinga Bumped 250 days ago

Ratings & Reviews

6 reviews
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NotTyler NotTyler
bad guy
Not a very fun server. Not much to do tbh. Safe to say its inactive and definitely not professional.
no one important no one important
Admin response
i like penis
1 3
Server from Hell III
Inactive server, owner doesn't have a clue what he's doing. Nothing to do in the server very boring
Warren Warren
Admin response
thx bb <3
1 3
Gay Ref Gay Ref
Warren shags crisps
This server is the worst server I've ever been in. Inactive, Unprofessional and most importantly can't handle criticism.
Warren Warren
Admin response
yes i shag crisps. how u know lmao
1 3
GetYourPenOut GetYourPenOut
Server against gays
Such a racist server would not recommend! one time at band camp I stuck my flute up my pussy.