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Star Wars: Renegades (RP)
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Star Wars: Renegades (RP)

Star Wars: Renegades is a server to fill a role of a smaller scale and more personal star wars roleplay that builds from the ground up, as players work together through a story from rags to riches.

The server includes:
-Interactive and helpful staff
-Fun star wars and various other discussions and chats
-A creative and newly imagined economy
-Bots, and channels to use them
-Engaging and driven roleplay
-Music bots in muteable channels (if and when they are requested)
-Meme channels, art sharing, suggestion channels to make the server a better place for the members, and far more both here and in the works!

Roleplay starts on a small corvette in posession of the players, a rag tag group looking to make a buck and live to tell about it. From there, through all sorts of jobs from merc work to hauling cargo and clearing out pirates, (or perhaps dabbling in a bit of piracy themselves), the server will slowly amass some other ships and eventually become a formidible small scale force.

Check us out, and help make our community that much better! Glad you found us, and we hope you enjoy.
Kiteh Bumped 22 days ago

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Bright ideas, bright plot, overall perfect.
I was quite shy when I joined this, however. It isn't like other Star Wars RP, the characters people submit are actually interesting and like another post, it isn't just some OP Force User, instead well balanced. Just like the description says, **YOU** create the story, and making it more fresh and interesting. I recommend giving this server a look.
Fanta173 Fanta173
I joined being not very sure about the server, but the community is awesome. Everyone is nice and you don't get many of the star wars typical OCs that you normally get in other servers. (Mandalorians, overpowered Jedi, etc...) The crew is small which is great and the ship isn't tied to one nation which allows lots of stuff to happen. I highly reccomend this server.