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The Division RP

Welcome to Tom Clancy's The Division RP. We are the first Tom Clancy RP server dedicated to The Division universe. We follow the lore of The Division and is updated constantly to keep up with official Division events. "Extremis Malis, Extrema Remeda"

-You can play as a Division Agent, True Sons member, Hyena gangster, Outcast member, Black Tusk member, and [REDACTED]

-Unlimited OCs!

-Friendly and hospitable staff!

-One liner and literate RP supported!

-We even have a custom made website!

If you are even remotely interested, go on ahead and join us today!
MeowsterMadness Bumped 19 days ago

Ratings & Reviews

25 reviews
Milo Games Milo Games
Best to RP
One of the best server to RP in. They are very strict and don't allow one liners. Which is pretty good as no one wants them. Overall pretty good.
Washac Washac
I love it
The server is full of interesting funny and creative people who are always a pleasure to hang out with and rp with. The staff is kind and approachable and are willing to help you with any issues you're having. Good stuff I love it.
Scheisse Scheisse
From the moment I joined the server, I felt pretty welcomed. The server itself is very nice and organized and the fact that they try to minimize one-liners really make the experience more enjoyable and gets rid of the players who don't want to put any effort in their RP. As far as roleplaying goes, I haven't seen anybody noob-rp'ing which is a relief because there seems to always be that one person who can't roleplay for his life and it utterly ruins the moment. I would really recommend this server for people who play as well as love Tom Clancy games.
Яᄃ-2527 G.Λ.M.M.Λ Яᄃ-2527 G.Λ.M.M.Λ
Pretty chill yet fun to RP in
So far from what I’ve seen (though I’m still fairly new) it’s a pretty chill server with a nice set of people. The RP itself is realistic and lengthy which I definitely find fun, If you’re a good roleplayer I’d definitely recommend it any day.