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The Kingdom of Skyrim
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The Kingdom of Skyrim

Step into the shoes of the great grandparents of the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim's inhabitants. Join your favourite faction, and maybe even take charge as you explore the great cities of skyrim and gain xp towards promoting your character. Worship Talos, argue with Jarls, become a bandit or become the chief of a stronghold. just be careful to not get on the bad side of Lanther Black-Briar, the snobby Jarl, or get tossed into jail!

Welcome, Traveller, to the Kingdom of Skyrim.

LGBT+ friendly
A simple leveling system for social status
Friendly admin (Lanther)
A huge amount of channels for you to make use of
And room for suggestions!
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Eis Eis
Very Flexible
Open to a lot of different things, and lets you be as detailed or simple as you want.