Meme Haven

Meme Haven

【 M E M E H   Λ   V E N】
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Welcome to Meme Haven
A fast growing community discord based off of having an active base with a lot of memes as well.
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**What do we have at Meme Haven?**
⇨ An Active Community
⇨ Nitro Boosted
⇨ Partnership friendly
⇨ Weekly Events
⇨ Minimal Pinging
⇨ 1:1 Egirl to Eboy ratio
⇨ Chill members and staff
⇨ Chats for all of your needs
⇨ Organized & Aesthetic
⇨ Self Roles & Leveling Rewards
⇨ Memes are promised
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Join to become part of Meme Haven's legacy
@here and @everyone
Everyone will receive a warm welcome.
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Ratings & Reviews

2 reviews
ethan ethan
very good
I like the place and cool and good if only I could date my princess Peter, oh I dream about him everyday I cannot stop thinking about him
!WaferCaker 2 !WaferCaker 2
Really Great!
I was one of the fewer members to join in the beginning and the owners really shaped it up to be a great community! I met a lot of well rounded people and I made a ton of new friendships. The server is very active and events are mostly weekly. There's always someone to talk to and there's always something to do. I really loved the server and I'm hoping to see it continue grow!
кคte🌙 кคte🌙
Admin response
Thank you! <3