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It's the year 2020, and humanity is facing a slow, grueling apocalypse. The first Hellgate burst open in 1878, and the other 6 soon followed. Now all 7 are wide open, and the world is being flooded with magic and demons. Humanity has adapted, but it is a losing battle. The front lines of this valiant last stand are the exorcists, a paranormal police force, and the United Coalition Against Paranormal Threats. The world ends not with a bang, but a drawn out death rattle...

A server to RP with your OCs in, set in the original universe of Hellbent! Duke it out with demons or join their ranks in an ash-covered city. Featuring:
-A huge number of rooms, with new ones able to be created on request
-No blacklisted topics
-A NSFW section
-Extensive lore
-Flexible character creation
-Roleplay approval to keep quality high. No more one-liners!
-Unlimited number of characters per person
Please be 15 or older, as this server will delve into dark subjects, and only people who are 18+ are allowed in the NSFW sections. MAKE AN INTRO FOR ACCESS.
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