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You're the only one who can grow us into a really big server, come join and get the free guts.
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taco taco
There's a well known bot called Elixir that's used by many servers to host giveaways. The bot is functional, it works great and all that. A few weeks ago the bot owner's server got raided, as far as I/we know, or perhaps he deleted every channel/kicked members and faked all this. I don't know. That's a probability. Recently the owner (Tom) has been reworking on the server. What's important to note is that there's a "how to get free nitro" channel in the server and Tom claims that he will give nitro for only 15 invites, and even up to 1 year of nitro for another amount of invites. This claim has been going on for a long time and people are complaining that they haven't got their nitro. Tom also turns off his DMs sometimes so how are we even supposed to show the proof that we got the invites? Tom never replied to anyone's DMs, including mine which I've been waiting for over a week now. What's even more interesting is that he faked that he already gave the nitro by sending EDITED screenshots in #proof channel. In the screenshot, the "winner"'s response is so fake. Furthermore in the screenshots you can see Tom sending an edited nitro link in their DMs. It says he can't claim his own gift because of his "existing nitro subscription". It's funny because by looking at Tom's profile, he doesn't even have nitro... I told something about how Tom doesn't even have nitro in #general chat and he deleted my message just a few minutes later. If you react to his announcements as SCAM, he'll remove them as well. I don't know what happened to their server. Everything was legit at first, but not anymore.
! Okie [New Acc] ! Okie [New Acc]
wtf is this
ok so they constantly ping for no reason :( also the managers are lazy af and wont give shit if they have to put 1% effort in. my acc got disabled with 65 invites, 1% effort to respond but they didnt. also #proof is bullshit, even when I dm with normal invites on normal acc, u dont get a response. they over use bots blacklist system, every word is fucking blocked. so pretty much they scammed me and abuse commands, also are lazy and dont care for the community
℘îƙåçɧùᴼᴾᴰᵉᵛ                👑 ℘îƙåçɧùᴼᴾᴰᵉᵛ 👑
hey my name is pikachu in server and I am very glad
Tom sir gives nitro to inviters
And the staff members are also polite as well as bot is also good
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Braminkachh Dhruv Braminkachh Dhruv
The old server of elixir is really good and now in new server of elixir is also good I don't know why old elixir were broken but now I am happy Bcz of elixir is back