Christ Wins Fellowship

Christ Wins Fellowship

💠💠💠Welcome to Christ Wins Fellowship where you can experience Fellowship with Fellow Followers of Christ and engage with a Spiritually Healthy community. In our server, we stick to the Word of God and all its truths.💠💠💠

💠 20 members and rising!
💠💠 SIMPLE Verification Process!!
💠💠💠 Lots of Spiritual channels and fun bots to play with!!
💠💠💠💠 Supportive and Chill Staff Team!
💠💠💠💠💠 We Welcome the LGBTQ Community if they desire to learn about Jesus Christ!!
💠💠💠💠💠💠 Lots of Scripture Usage and Bible References.

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Ratings & Reviews

3 reviews
dahms🌜 dahms🌜
Great Place
Very nice and accepting of non-Christians, owner is great to talk to and a great help, encouraged open debate and plenty of channels for Christians and non-Christians alike
214 days ago
Jar jar Jar jar
good christian server
good Christian server they treat you like a human being regardless of religion have many useful resources for religious studies and positive atmosphere
219 days ago
Jesus Lover Jesus Lover
The owner has the wool pulled over their eyes and thinks that jokes about god are okay
It has too many people who are trolls are think they can talk to god or think that a vision of hell was given to them by god and it was just all around messed up and was giving me a bad vibe
226 days ago