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Furcord Violet
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Furcord Violet

♠️♥️♦️♣️The Sanctuary is a developing classy-themed furry server where furries and non-furries alike can meet new people. Though that doesn't necessarily mean you have to be classy to join!♣️♦️♥️♠️
Here, we have...

🎆Nitro boosts!!! We have a level 1 Nitro boost!!🎆

🐉Pokécord! Weve adopted the Pokécord bot and gave it a designated channel where you and others can play with it!🐉

📝Staff applications! We are applying and accepting new staff of all branches!📝

🙏Partners! We partner with any server of any size! Our active admins and owners will gladly help anyone easily partner with us hassle free!🙏

💖Active and friendly staff who will gladly help with anything your heart desires!💖

🍓Events every other day to make your experience never get stale!🍓

🌳An official vanilla Minecraft Server! We are running an official vanilla 1.14.4 Minecraft survival server neeearly 24/7! Its also running on an Intel i7-8700k so you have minimal lag!🌳

📃Non-strict rules so that your experience won't be restricted by petty unnecessary rules!📃

👀NSFW channels for both furry and anime! Only accessible with NSFW role!👀

🤡Memes...! Yeah... memes. No normie memes please! We also have a channel for NSFW memes!🤡

🔥Active main chats! As of October 13th, 2019 we have nearly 500 messages sent each day! You'll always have someone to talk to🔥

❤A friendly atmosphere where your experience won't be ruined by raids or bullies due to good protection and active staff!❤
Soon to have...

🤪More emotes!!! We have more and more furry emotes on the way!🤪

🌳An extra Creative Mode world! as the survival world has been completed, we're starting on the creative world! it will run as an extra world on the same server!🌳

❗More and more events!❗

♟(Possibly) an official Garry's Mod server.♟
💞Please join in on the fun! Bring your friends!💞
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