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Yare Yare

Yare Yare is a Kaguya-sama: Love is war themed server with over 400 members, friendly staff, active community, donation perks and much more! So why don't you see it for yourself?
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Max~ Max~
Every member of this community is POG, you should really consider joining this server if ur wholesome. Also don't trust Emma she's not pog.
Frodomon Frodomon
Lovely Server
I've spent months in the server and met so many new people and made a lot of new friends, its well-moderated and pretty professional server
α∂яιαи α∂яιαи
I love this community!
As a owner of this community, i approve that the members is really kind and that they're not toxic at all. We in the moderation team is taking care of our chats everyday, 24/7. Hope to see you there :)
Kris Kris
Great server!
I'm a lurker, and i can see that the community is really active. Their emotes is cute and they also post giveaways. I wish i had the courage to talk, but the server is over all a positive, wholesom, and well moderated server <3