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cool kincord name

★ welcome to cool kincord name! ★
☆ we are a very active, all inclusive kin server. here we offer...
☆ a mogai/neurodivergent friendly community
☆ very active, welcoming members
☆ categories for your kin and non-kin needs
☆ tons of channels of a vast variety
☆ lots of fun bots
☆ lots of self assignable roles
☆ mods always looking for ways to help build and grow the server
☆ and more!
★ we hope that you have a gr8 time here, and have an amazing day! ★
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Ratings & Reviews

12 reviews
Shade Shade
Mods have issues
The mods say slurs with no censoring, are just straight up rude and ableist and mute you when you ask them to censor r*tard. I love stupid ableists
82 days ago
vertiigo vertiigo
hahaha friend machine go bzzzrrzz
Genuinely some of the nicest people I’ve met in this community(and generally)—everyone’s super welcoming, active, and just very fun to talk to!! The only downside is that Card won’t give me the “ew het” role. Otherwise, vibes are perfect :)
201 days ago
canine canine
please help me
card put me in jail this is a message to my family my coordinates are 36.974140, -122.028801 please get me out they took away my toilet. other than that 5 stars kind and respectful service
203 days ago
5qu1d 5qu1d
I admit, this server is not for everyone, but in my opinion its a great server! Based on older reviews i assume the server was bad before, but i assure yall the server has definitely improved since whatever it was like before i joined. The community is super kind and supportive!!
208 days ago