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Infamous ones is a Mental health focused server that was made
for, ASPD, Schizophrenic. people primarily, however other mental disorders are welcomed here same applies for Hikikomori and Neet individual, Keep in mind this server may contain
*NSFW content (in NSFW) channels
*TCC (true crime community) without the gorey content

*This server follows Discord TOS*

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NotKoro NotKoro
Most "ASPD" servers are either tryhardy to the point its just plain edgy OR they're made by true crime community fangirls. this one seems to be the most authentic server about ASPD and serious mental issues. i rate it 5 stars, good job seb
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Jinx Jinx
Surprisingly welcoming though very brash
This server is specifically geared with Mental Health (with a strong penchant for ASPD) and those underlying issues in mind, as such there is a lot of variation in the type of people that is encountered here. That said, the owner and some of the mods both past and present have been very welcoming regardless of the background that people have and have been very engaging. There is a ever-prevalent veil of sarcasm that persistently clings to the members, myself included, but I find that is part of the charm offered here.