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Safe Space

**Safe Space** To be honest I'm not interested in having hundreds of members to show off. I just want people to be able to talk to others and release the stress kept inside. If you want to talk, even for a few minutes come and visit.

Do you want someone to listen to you or some peer support? Have you been abused or do you have a mental health disorder? If any of the above matches with you, you would probably like to join us.

We have

⭐ A friendly non toxic community

⭐ Active Staff ready to talk to you :star: Self Roles

⭐Channels to talk about anything that is bothering you

We are here to help
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Ratings & Reviews

28 reviews
ByteFence ByteFence
Good server <3
I’ve been here for a couple of days, and I love it. Everyone is very nice and friendly, and I’ve enjoyed my time here very much so far.
Join today!
Evil Lawyer (it’s a joke that you will get if you join today! So do it. Right now. <3)
47 days ago
Gamer🦦 Gamer🦦
A truly great discord server
This server has welcomed me from the very beginning they staff was very welcoming. The server has truly helped me through some hard times and I’m grateful for everyone in it.
65 days ago
Dragons_Bane Dragons_Bane
Really good!
I’ve been in this server for a bit now and have to say, it’s good!!

Staff are so friendly! The owner talks all the time and they’re a nice ray of sunshine if you will. I’ve had so many good discussions with the members, about varying topics. Really good and wholesome. The staff are fair, not much bias that I’ve seen and it’s just great! Join today
90 days ago
Duckie Duckie
This server is AMAZING!
I love this server mainly because, there is very friendly and helpful people. Usually, when you join a server, there is not much support. But everyone Welcomes you, and they make sure that you get as much support as needed. What's also great is there is usually always someone online, no matter what time of day it is. This server is very helpful and full of kind support. Also, some servers don't have people that have the best recommendations. This server is full of people, so you won't always get the same person. I really enjoy being in this server. ♡ ⭐
94 days ago