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Path Way

Path Way

This is a server where you can make new friends, and who knows, maybe you'll find that special someone :)
And if you're looking for something that keeps your mind busy from thinking of something else, this server is great for that too.
This server can be your second family, if you let it be :)
There is also another part of the server that is entirely based on gaming
Loyal♣ Bumped 44 days ago

Ratings & Reviews

5 reviews
KateHunter KateHunter
nice community
they have a really nice community and i like the new changes they have. i can choose what i wanna be instead of being put there
3 1
CyanOctopus CyanOctopus
DON’T JOIN (plz read)
First of all, literally all the reviews are from the admins so don’t even read them. This server is basically hell and I’m serious. The moderators are super disrespectful and have no idea how to manage a server and they’re extremely intolerant, they’ll ban you for no reason. It’s like a mafia. Only the popular members get respect and everyone else gets treated like bullshit. Server members get treated like they’re the mods children and it’s extremely annoying. So just do yourself a favor and do not join, I swear you will regret joining. I’ve been in that server for 3 months and they drove me crazy.
RackMan RackMan
Admin response
hey there, not all reviews are from admins, and we have a completely new staff team and theme for the server
2 2
Loyal♣ Loyal♣
The Managers Are Great
Eva is hella thick.
Muzan Got milk for Africa
Megan Rack Hoes
Chocolate is worst head admin
Rackman thick as fuck
Sarah The big Blueberry
(Anti nonce server, expose all pedos) <3
4 2
hof hof
Co-Owner is gay
This is an amazing server with lots of fun people. I’ve made some amazing friends on here. 10/10 highly recommend.