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The Missing Piece
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The Missing Piece

This is a server where you can make new friends, and who knows, maybe you'll find that special someone :)
And if you're looking for something that keeps your mind busy from thinking of something else, this server is great for that too.
This server can be your second family, if you let it be :)
And please go to #self-roles and get the members role to see all the available channels.
Loyal♣ Bumped 6 hours ago

Ratings & Reviews

3 reviews
Loyal♣ Loyal♣
The Managers Are Great
Eva is hella thick.
Muzan Got milk for Africa
Megan Rack Hoes
Chocolate is worst head admin
Rackman thick as fuck
Sarah The big Blueberry
(Anti nonce server, expose all pedos) <3
hof hof
Co-Owner is gay
This is an amazing server with lots of fun people. I’ve made some amazing friends on here. 10/10 highly recommend.
2 1
Muzan Muzan
Great Server
Everyone is so nice here, if you stay long enough, you'll feel that it's like a second family for you guys

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