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Technological Anarchy

Technological Anarchy

Stolen server with mods is that send gore DO NOT JOIN
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ChillyPotato ChillyPotato
Fun server
Mods are active, idea is fun. From what I know the 1 star is from a person who got removed and the server hates him
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ivy4000 ivy4000
Growing server, good potential.
**UPDATE 5/19/19**
I would like to preface this with the fact that this was previously a 1-Star review. The old review is still available to read below. I have changed my opinion of this server because the administration actively responded to mine and my partner's complaint and banned the person causing the problem and apologized to me personally for the problem. This shows, to me, that the mod team truly cares about running a good server, and I amend them greatly for that. The concept is interesting, and this server definitely has some great potential.

I'm writing this review on behalf of my roommate and significant other, as they are unable to leave reviews because they have since left the server and blocked several of the server's members.

TL;DR: Don't join, admin sends newcomers IRL gore in DM while innocently claiming it is a "cute video" and gets no repercussions and is defended by other server members. Now here's the longer version:

Very shortly after my roommate (and another person, who I don't know, but have read in the message history) joined this server, they were @ mentioned by one of the server's admins asking if they wanted to be sent a "nice video? ;>" When the offer was accepted, they were sent a violent video involving IRL gore of "a man cutting his dick off" through their DM. The server members and moderation did nothing to try and stop this from occurring, simply bemoaning in general chat that the video was "more than just a cat..." and that "[they] all know what it is" heavily implying that this is a COMMON OCCURRENCE from this admin to some degree or another.

After leaving the server, my roommate was hounded in DM by another server member about considering rejoining, saying that this admin is "just different" and defending his actions with "To be honest we did tell you not to watch it..."

This is no way to welcome newcomers to your server or otherwise get people to stay. The server's first rule is "Respect," and says that the staff "won't hesitate to either warn/mute, kick, or even ban" members who repeatedly disrespect others. It's almost ironic that these rules were posted by the very admin who apparently has sent unwarranted gore so many times he's known for it.
ChillyPotato ChillyPotato
Admin response
Yes we have dealt with this and that admin has since been removed from the server. We understand the disgust you might feel and I apologize, I just want to say that this admin does not represent us as a server or community. Once again I want to apologize as I was inactive to act on my this and stop it sooner