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Waifu HQ

We're a chill, friendly server that wants more people to make friends with! Run by 2 admins who are on everyday. We're a growing server for people who want new friends and people to play with!
Some games:
League of Legends
Apex Legends
We may also do giveaways the more we grow and get boosted! :)
If you play a different game come and invite others to join!
What are you waiting for? Come on in! :)
Cazza Bumped 4 days ago

Ratings & Reviews

3 reviews
Cazza Cazza
Friendly Mods & Owner - Fun Discord
Super friendly server. Recommend the server for people who want to find friends to play with. Lots of members who are willing to play :o
Yukana Yame Yukana Yame
Welcoming server!
Our server is super friendly and open to new people. Please come join us!! We are active around the clock and are always up to new conversation and friendship ♥
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xd sniperM xd sniperM
Server makes me happy
This server is nice and cool. Very friendly people. Owner and admins are super active. I love this server there is some rude people but owner is the friendly
Yukana Yame Yukana Yame
Admin response
Hey there! Thanks for reviewing. We focus everyday to all of you lovely people's needs. If something/someone is bothering you don't hesitate to dm me! - Sammy :)