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witches of the unseen sun
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witches of the unseen sun

— 𝚠𝚒𝚝𝚌𝚑𝚎𝚜 𝚘𝚏 𝚝𝚑𝚎 𝚞𝚗𝚜𝚎𝚎𝚗 sun 🌿

witches of the unseen sun is a pagan and witch discord server. we welcome people of all ages, genders, sexualities, religions and more. baby witches and elder witches alike are welcome. We welcome RHP, MHP, and LHP.

the purpose of this server is to create a space where people of all religions can hang out and be civil with each other, while teaching and learning about other people’s religions. it’s a space where you’ll always be safe from people forcing religion onto you, so you don’t have to worry about anyone trying to convert you. we especially welcome christianity and other abrahamic religions because we know many of their followers have strong misconceptions about witchcraft and our hope is to be able to help educate them on the subject.

we also have an entire LHP section dedicated for LHP members! the idea behind this section is to not only create a community for LHP people, but a safe space for them to chat. another bonus of this is that people that do want to see it can, and those that don’t want to see it don’t have to. this means everyone can be comfortable, especially our members that are not pagan and may just have started learning about the occult!

not only do we welcome LGBTQ people but we are LGBTQ owned and most of our staff are members of the LGBTQ community. we have channels for LGBTQ discussions and more.

if you are suicidal or in some form of abusive relationship we have channels with help lines and resources for you. we also have a mental health channel and a venting channel so you can discuss your mental health, daily stresses and get advice from our community. we also have staff members that are good with assisting with mental disorders and disabilities!
*note: advice given from our community is not to replace professional help or advice.

🌱 » main owner: beltanebabe ᛓ#1781

💠 » secondary owner: kingleonidas#9906

🌸 » co-owner: empress#2845

Specialty Features:
- Unseen Sun Coven
- Exclusive Witch Cafe only on WOTUS

Main Features:
- Gateway to protect all members
- Unique leveling system
- Shops and economy
- 100+ Self assignable roles
- Self assignable color roles
- 100+ Channels
- 15+ Bots
- Partnerships
- And more!

- Accepting and looking for new partners
- Accepting and looking for partnership managers

Join today! We’re waiting.. 💓
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Obsidian_Blaze Obsidian_Blaze
Great Community
Friendly, welcoming community, helpful mods and tons of resources, members willing to share their expertise and experience. Very few instances of troublemakers (likely due to a robust entry process and consistent enforcement of the rules).
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danielpbarron danielpbarron
They banned me for no reason.
Right off the bat, joining this channel results in a multitude of unsolicited pings from various bots. Then there is the annoying verification process which seems to not even work. Then there are way too many channels. Not off to a good start!

I was upfront about my reason for joining, which was to "spread the gospel." They let me in knowing this, and then before I could even say anything, they banned me.

In which I respond to the response below:

> But after you put your discord link in your status I was a little iffy about kicking you or not considering our strict no advertising rule.

My status has been that way since custom statuses became a thing. It was certainly already set to that when you agreed to let me in. I didn't change it afterwards.

> I'm not interested in having that negativity and toxicity on my server.

So then your channel's description is a lie. You do not welcome Christians, as all Christians are thankful for all things, including all the horrible things. (Ephesians 5:20)

> I don't really think they're excessive.

One is excessive.

> If you don't like our server then don't be a part of it, simple.

I don't have that choice, so it's disingenuous of you to suggest otherwise.
beltanebabe ᛓ beltanebabe ᛓ
Admin response
WOTUS has several christians in it. Some are even Christian Witches and staff members. We’ve never had any issues with said christians and we welcome them just like anyone else. The difference between you and them is that you’re here to cause issues and being negativity and they’re here to be civil and kind.

Please be on your merry way, thanks.

First and foremost, we did not ban you, lol. We kicked you.

Originally we let you in cautiously, giving you our "two star rank" as a precaution. Your introduction says as follows, you joined to "preach the gospel" which is fine, but a lot of the times people do this in a forceful way so we decided to keep an eye out. then answering the "do you have any issues with other religions, why?" you said "all but believing the whole bible, as the rest lead to hell."

We let you in after clarifying you'd be respectful, and surprisingly you stayed quiet.

But after you put your discord link in your status I was a little iffy about kicking you or not considering our strict no advertising rule. I talked to my team about it and we figured it was fine. once I joined your server and saw you saying you're thankful for 9/11, hitler, cancer, murder (etc) that's when I made my mind up.

I'm personally not interested in having someone like that on my server, and I will take as many precautions by kicking you off even when you haven't directly harmed me or my server members. I'm not interested in having that negativity and toxicity on my server.

Our verification process works fine, and the bot has been having some downtime lately which it doesn't usually have so that's the only issue I can think of that you had with it.

Several bots ping you with important need to know info that is meant to help you navigate the server and learn about us and one dms you about suicidal thoughts and if you need help how you can reach out. I don't really think they're excessive. we didn't used to have them and many people struggled finding where to go and how to do certain things and this has really helped new members get acclimated.

If you don't like our server then don't be a part of it, simple.
For anyone reading that wants receipts/screenshots:
Please dm me @beltanebabe ᛓ#1781 <3
cowbell cowbell
Fantastic community
WOTUS is one of the best witchcraft servers I have ever joined. They are inclusive and accepting of people from all belief systems, but they are also well-modded and protect their members from harm. The mods/admin are helpful and positive, and encourage others to be active. The variety of channels keeps everything organised and allows you to only view things you are interested in. Overall it is a FANTASTIC server and I would recommend that anybody in the witch/pagan/new age community join.
kingleonidas kingleonidas
Admin response
Thanks cowbell! It's been great to have you with us :)
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Bee Bee
Wonderful community and staff!
This server is absolutely gorgeous and easy on the eyes, the owner is a wonderful person and their staff are mature and easily handle conflicts. The server is active and I can't give a stunning enough review. Truly a server I'm proud to be a part of.
beltanebabe ᛓ beltanebabe ᛓ
Admin response
Thank you so much! I really appreciate it ♡ it’s sure been a long time in the making :)