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witches of the unseen sun
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witches of the unseen sun

∙ about us / our purpose ♡
our server is a welcoming community of pagans, witches, occultists and people of many other belief systems. our hope is to create a space for all people of all religions, sexualities, races, genders and more. a place where all people feel welcome and safe, and can find a sense of community and family.

∙ what we offer (〃´∀`〃)
🌿;┊organized + nice aesthetic
🥨;┊simple vetting system
🌚;┊great staff team
🐰;┊self assignable roles
🍃;┊safe space for all religions
🧺;┊welcoming of all practitioner levels
🍄;┊resources for baby witches
🖇;┊and much more!

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Ratings & Reviews

28 reviews
outdated chef outdated chef
Amazing Server!!
I love this server so much! The Owner is so friendly and helpful!! I really do recommend this server for any and all occultists! This server prides itself on the safety of everyone in it, and the verification process they have is amazing! Again, i really do recommend this server, as it is has the most amazing staff and owner!
Dagheidr Dagheidr
Admin response
thank you so much for the kind review!
94 days ago
🌈artalartistic🌈 🌈artalartistic🌈
Love this server!
SUCH an amazing place for beginner witches. I joined this server when I originally started practicing witchcraft, and the amount of channels can be overwhelming *at first* BUT the organization is incredible. Friendly staff team, amazing help from a multitude of people, and everyone is so nice. Thank you again for a wonderful server!!
113 days ago
Shaddow_pet(owned) Shaddow_pet(owned)
Friendly and helpful community
I joined the server a couple months ago and didn't regret it. Everyone in the server is so friendly and ready to help another member out. The server is really organised and it is easy to find everything.
201 days ago
Obsidian_Blaze Obsidian_Blaze
Great Community
Friendly, welcoming community, helpful mods and tons of resources, members willing to share their expertise and experience. Very few instances of troublemakers (likely due to a robust entry process and consistent enforcement of the rules).
239 days ago