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Harmonica Hangout

The original Harmonica Hangout!

A community of Harmonica enthusiasts of all levels;
join us to learn, jam, and chat about all things Harmonica.
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SpareChange SpareChange
A Supportive Community
Lots of good resources here to improve your playing. Questions are answered quickly and thoroughly. There is a wide variety of skill levels and styles of playing represented and discussed. A very comfortable spot!
23 days ago
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Unlucky_Soul Unlucky_Soul
A harmonica player's go-to place
Wanna get better in the Harmonica? Go no further. Ever since I joined this group, my skills in harmonica has grown extensively. The community is friendly and encouraging. Any noob can come in here and expect to grow in skill.
For the intermediate level player, there's stuff to glean from. Harmonica Tips being freely shared, different types of play style, Licks of the Day., harmonica challenge where there are no winners or losers. The group encourages members to learn from each other.
For those that want to attain further mastery, there are teachers willing to give classes and help and mold you to be a better player.
All in all... this is a harmonica players go-to place
23 days ago
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bpwnd bpwnd
The Original - Often Copied, Never Duplicated.
We've built a great, inclusive, community over at Harmonica Hangout. I've gained friends, had many laughs, and some great jams and conversations. It's done plenty to help my playing and to help keep me motivated too.
23 days ago