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~This is a Divergent themed server~
{We are a friendly server open to both old and new roleplayers}

✿Are you Dauntless, the Brave and Confident? Maybe you are Abnegation, the Selfless and Caring. Or perhaps you are Amity, the Peaceful. You might be Erudite, the Intelligent. Then again, you could be Candor, the Honest and the Open. What if you are the feared Divergent? Only you know the answer to this question. Come and join our server to find out!✿

{You get to create your own character and choose your faction. We hope that this server will grow and we will get to meet more people, after all, everyone in this server is family. Explore Chicago! Discover how each faction works! You can create up to 3 OC's.}

This is what our server has for you!-
♦Friendly Staff and Admins
★No Bullying, Homophobia, Racism, etc.
♦Multiple Roles, including the option to be a rebel!
★Roleplay of course!
♦Channels where you can talk about memes, use bots, and just vent/rant.
-And more!
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Fin Fin
This server is amazing
Everyone on this server is super kind and the owner does a great job of keeping people on the edge of their seat. I highly recommend joining.
Double A Batteries Double A Batteries
It's an awesome Divergent server, better than any other I've been in. The community is really welcoming. It's also really fun to roleplay there, and the owners and staff are so amazing.
~Luna~ ~Luna~
Awesome Discord
Overall this Discord is amazing. It is organized very well and the community is friendly, helpful and overall very supportive of each other. If you’re looking for an awesome roleplay Discord this is certainly the one! Everyone is very accepting and the discord is always very active! Highly recommend!!!