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"Politiseum is a nice political server with a generally friendly atmosphere. The debates are of course quite competitive and can get a little heated. We have political parties, random activities (organized debates, manifesto challenges, etc.), memes, hot takes, and also we have people of every ideology on the compasd. There is something for everyone here so swing on by Politiseum."

We have introduced an experimental democratic system of server administration. Our merchandise of facilities:
- Self-assignable ideology roles
- Miscellaneous channels
- Non-linear polls & events
- Voice debates & discussions

Members must adhere to Discord's TOS.
ArareKINDApiggle Bumped 136 days ago

Ratings & Reviews

11 reviews
Nickdr Nickdr
The administration
The admins are democratically elected. The chat is very active. This server is definitely not a echo chamber and this server also has great debate. Debate is welcome and shotposters.
441 days ago
Kristoff_Kringle Kristoff_Kringle
This political Discord server is the pure definition of free speech and civil discussion. Never have I seen a Discord server with so much harmony and seriousness at the same time. It is a perfect balance between civil discussion and civil harmony. This server is a must-join for anyone that wants to discuss politics. I cannot express into words how good this server is.
5/5 Stars.
496 days ago
qwertyy qwertyy
Great server
Active server with alot of people to talk to. Free speech being a big part of this server makes any opinion welcome.
496 days ago
TwoJsTheSlayer TwoJsTheSlayer
Laid back.
This discord server has the friendliest staff of any political server I've seen. It is really nice to hang out with the people too. Their colorful and diverse personalities and ideologies make it all worth while.
502 days ago