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Dragon Ball RP: Universal Collision
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Dragon Ball RP: Universal Collision

Dragon Ball RP: Universal Collision, a new RP server for Dragon Ball fans.

An unknown force has trespassed in the realm of the Kai of Time, allowing them access to different eras and timelines.

They begin to create rifts in time and space, fashioning their own universe, pulling at random parts of worlds, each piece from a different era.


We don't rely on power levels, or grinding trivial training passages. We focus on organic free form RP bolstered by server-wide events, & a mod team that is dedicated to building up your own stories.

We have a Tier system, which rewards good RP and character development over passages of the same training.


We allow custom transformations and roles of divinity.

Come and have a look and have fun!
Melo Bumped 427 days ago

Ratings & Reviews

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SimpleName SimpleName
Cool People
The staff are friendly and the people are generally cool. A nice place to roleplay and you don’t have to be that good to join.
465 days ago
1 3
Steven "Andrews" Thomas Steven "Andrews" Thomas
A great way to improve roleplaying!
This place holds quite the spot for people who want to improve their roleplaying! It holds members that are fun and good to work around as well as people who'll actually help you in your time of need! Other than that the moderation's really good too. Ever wanted to improve your roleplaying game? This is the spot for ya!
465 days ago
2 2
Tofu Tofu
Fun, Simple,Community-based
Very simple and a lot of rper freedom, no pesky power level system. Very community-based with a lot of fun people in it.
473 days ago