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We Are Just A Casual Furry Server That Wants To Grow, We Have DnD, Roleplay, Gaming Stuff, Role Bot , ect. There Is A Verfication Password In The Rules At The Server Rules Chat

- Roleplay, Lewd Roleplays
- NSFW 16+
- Artist
- Gaming
- DnD
- Friendly Staff

- Rule 1 Please do not spam in any channels this includes bot commands and images.

- Rule 2 Please do not harass other people in the server, it will not be tollerated.

- Rule 3 Do not advertise your server or anyone else's server (without asking)

- Rule 4 Keep all content in the right channels.

- Rule 5 Do not mic spam or earrape in the vc's this can get very annoying.

- Rule 6 Do not post someones personal info (unless permitted from the user)

- Rule 7 No causing drama, no prvoking.

- Rule 8 Do not attempt to break or miss use the bots.

- Rule 9 Respect everyone, treat those how you wish to be treated.

- Rule 10 No touchy subjects this includes: rape, killing, suicide,

- Rule 11 If you need someone to talk to about something personal along the lines of depression or just need to vent to get it off your chest feel free to message Llama

- Rule 12 Have Fun! Dont be affraid to ask any questions you may have, this can be for staff or fellow people.


!Warning System!
1st Strike- Verbal and or text warning indicating what you have done (if not fixed will proceed to following strikes)
2nd Strike- Server Voice/
3rd Strike- Banned

Additional information
If you come here and instantly start trolling or being edgy to the point that makes us question if you're actually here to hangout or just here to troll, You will be kick/banned.

Please respect the fandom that this server is based around, you dont have to be apart of the fandom that we are, but we do expect you to keep negitives things about it to yourself and respect our fandom.

Don't Be / Say anything racist!

If you joke about being a raider you will be banned, We DO NOT take it as a joke or find it funny!


One Last Thing. There Is A Password That Is Required In The Rules For The Verification System
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