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Sonic Paradise 🎃

Sonic Paradise is a Sonic-themed and focused Discord server where members can share art, have discussions, and more. Includes a multitude of channels and friendly staff!
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Valerie the wolf Valerie the wolf
10\10 server
This server is one of the BEST servers I've joined! This was also the first server I've joined as well. The owner is fantastic, I was welcomed, wasn't disrespected, and met my closest friends in this server. I would recommend this server to anyone and if someone asked for servers this would be the first server I'd send them!
This server is definitely in my top 5 favorite servers! Thank you all for your kindness!
17 days ago
Sora☄ Sora☄
A wonderful experience
This place is by far the most pleasant experience I've had with a server. On the very first day I join not only the staff and members but the admin themselves welcome me with open arms and kindness which I'm very grateful for. I've never had such a heartwarming and genuine welcome like that. The place is interactive, fun, and just a chill and calm environment to be in.

The staff is kind and understanding, the members are just as kind as the staff. There are plenty of art channels and places to post art and edits. The feed back on the art is very positive and nice. There's lots to see and do and there's never a moment I didn't feel welcome or happy to join there.

The people are so kind and caring, I've honestly loved this place from the moment I've joined hence another reasons I feel so welcomed. From the moment I joined I saw just how much love and care that not only the mods and admin puts into this place, the feed back is incredible. If there's a problem or issue staff fix it ASPA, to improve your and the whole servers experience.

In conclusion this is honestly the best server I have joined so far, I've made so many new friends there, everyone there are just genuinely kind, happy, positive people who I'm happy to get to talk to everyday. I'm proud to be a part of this spectacular experience.

If you want a chill, welcoming, positive, and cozy place to be in. If you need a calming and relaxing place to be a part of or if you just want to me some kind people this place is for you. I recommend it and I promise you won't be disappointed or dissatisfied.
28 days ago
DannyNova DannyNova
Best Sonic server on Discord!
This server is probably the chillest, most laid back, and fun sonic the hedgehog server I've ever been in. It has a super friendly and loving community, the staff is chill, and its super organized.
77 days ago
twinkle-circuit twinkle-circuit
Amazing server!
It's very organized with many channels for all uses, and it's always full of life. People are talkative and nice, so you'll have a good time. Join it and have lots of fun!
167 days ago