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The Secret Dreams
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The Secret Dreams

Hello there! Want a friendly place full of cool mods? Well read below!
The Friend's Playground is place where most people should feel accepted! Our staff tries our best to make sure all is peaceful and safe for everyone. Our aim it so make a place with less restrictions, but yet have a fun place to be active in! Hope you to see and greet you soon!
The rules aren't complicated and shouldn't be hard to understand, there's many roles to fill in for people to know more about you! Our staff are active to help, we have some available in different time zones so they're prepared to help when needed. This is a flexible server so if you want something to change or to be added, we'll consider it!
One of our rules is that anyone is allowed, although this doesn't mean you're free from bans or kicks, so please don't abuse this. It simply means we will not discriminate anyone until you have broken the simple 6 rules
◕‿◕‿◕ ‿◕‿◕‿◕‿◕‿◕‿◕‿◕‿◕‿◕‿◕‿◕‿◕
This is a server you should feel SAFE and SECURE in to chat with others. Mental help is there for people who need it. If another member is harassing or attacking you in another way than the server, don't be afraid to report to the staff team.

Hope to see you soon, and join our wonderful community.
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