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The Everforest
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The Everforest

Welcome! The Everforest is a medieval fantasy world full of magic and mystery set in the middle of an endless forest. Your character, as well as some others, has been pulled to this magical place from the real world by some unknown force. While your ultimate goal is probably to get home, the Everforest is a vast land with many places to explore and things to discover, so who could blame you if you were to look around a bit?

We have...
- An active and friendly staff team
- An world that continues to expand and change
- Plenty of OOC channels for people to mess around in
- Fair and balanced rules
- Just a ton of really crazy and fun people
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Ratings & Reviews

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Chungus Chungus
Wonderful Server
I'm really enjoying the activity and story ideas going on in this server. I highly recommend it!