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The Mental Health Server


Hello and welcome to The Mental Health Server! This server is based on providing care and support for those who are suffering from mental illness.

Here is a couple of things to know about our server:

• This is a Judge-Free Zone - No one in this server is here to judge you; we're here to help you and make sure you feel better! So, with that in mind, don't be afraid to ask for some help or advice anytime.

• Everyone is Equally Important - Everyone here is unique and important to us, and we plan to keep it that way. If you feel like you're any less, we promise you're much more than you can possibly think of.

• We're a Positive Community - This is a positive server/community. If you'd like to join, we're happy to let you in! Everyone in our server will treat you kindly and with the respect you deserve.

Thank you for dropping by to read our message and information! We hope to see you in the server sometime, and remember, you're always welcomed.

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Ratings & Reviews

8 reviews
KermitGames KermitGames
The best server ever
I have been in this server for a month I think and I have found a lot of help in this server and gained a lot of confidence from the responders and staff THANK YOU best server for helping people out 10/10
Larchy Larchy
Incredibly Wholesome!
It is a great place to hangout, people are always Soo kind and respectful, it is truly a great place to be.
French Inhale French Inhale
Such Lovely People
These people in this server are so good to everybody there are always positive vibes and everyone is so caring to each other,to everyone reading this,
I love you even if I don't know you, i'll still love you! <3
Eclipsè Eclipsè
Everybody is Amazing!
I'm so glad I joined this server! Everybody is super supportive and just amazing people overall. They have helped not only me but many other people when they really need it, It's like a second family.