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Shaman's Journey

Shaman's Journey is a community of friends who understand and support each other through the challenges of living with mental illness. We are a small, close group, but open to new members. We are not constantly active, but we are active daily. You may not find instant responses here, but you will find genuine, mature people who will respond thoughtfully and with respect and caring. We do also have bots, currency, gambling, games, specialty channels, etc. And we do expect activity to increase as life after COVID19 starts to settle down. Please ping @social to get our attention. We look forward to talking with you.
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Scratch Scratch
A very welcoming and judgement free server, a very nice place to join if you are feeling alone with your struggles. Or just want to better your mental health by being more proactive in regards to talking about your feelings.
169 days ago
Dash01 Dash01
Highly insensitive to systems
"we are unable to support DID", the literal words we were told. They weren't referring to the pluralkit bot, but to the illness itself.
OneEmpty OneEmpty
Admin response
As I stated, we are unable to support users who enter and immediately start engaging in DID roleplay. It isn't insensitive to know your limits and set healthy boundaries.
377 days ago
Õkami Õkami
Good server with nice People
The Server on the first impression seems cliquey but be patient and you will found wonderful people and im sure some new friends. Very understanding, no hate, good Admins who keep everything mostly in line. We are one big familiy and im happy be a part of it. It realy helps me alot to talk with all and get understanded with my problems.
381 days ago
Qeius Qeius
Some real good eggs
Good people helping each other through issues, both mental and psychical. Plenty of events and always new things to do. Vrty much worth the join!
383 days ago