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🍂🍁Mobius RP🍁🍂

🌟:|:Mobius RP:|:🌟
Welcome to Mobius RP, a Sonic roleplay server where all sonic based characters are welcome, including OCs (Original Character) and AUs (Alternate Universe) therefore we don’t have claimed cannon characters! You can also come here to hang out and meet new people! There is a wide range of activities:

- : Roleplaying 🧙
-: Chapter RPs 📕 (More In Details)
-: Gaming 🎮
-: Art 🖌️
-: Events (for RP AND Art!) 🎉
-: Advertisement 📰
-: Fun Bots 🤖
-: And of course lots of memes 🤡

⚠️Important Details Before Joining! ⚠️:

- Theres no such thing as Claiming characters here
- Chapter RP is a Story-Focused RP that our Admin (Omega Mimikyu) is Currently Writing
- Here our Admin And Mods can Approve or Reject Your Character depending on their Abilities or Just the RPer's skills but don't worry you can always try another time Just make sure to have effort!
- You can Submit as many characters as you want
- And Of Course Chapter RP And Normal RP take place in the same Canon BUT they do not interfer with each other And thus are completely separared sections
So What are you waiting for? Join in the Fun And meet New people! Welcome to the World of.....Mobius RP! ✨🦔✨
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Nightthrower814 Nightthrower814
So let's begin
I'd stay right away from this server, it's not very active as it once was as per usual some amazing shit happened, it's admins don't do anything, hell not even the owner does anything, it's just a quiet pit of nothing, devoid of literally any joy.
143 days ago