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DC: Reborn

DC: Reborn

This is a Semi-Literate, and realistic server built around DC Universe! Built around it's own stories, yet we still try to keep things as canon as we can, with some freedom of choice. We also allow the Greek Mythology side of DC, and are interested in exploring the Amazonian aspects. We even allow Demigods and other such characters as possibilities. On top of that, we've also included the Heaven and Hell side of DC, as well as some Vertigo stuff.


In this server, we strive to bring a fun, and friendly experience to those who wish to be a part of our growing community. We have a very friendly, and equally helpful Staff Team that keeps things running smooth.


We are always looking for people to fill our ranks, and be a part of something legendary in their own right! Below you find examples of what you will find here:

-Ability to claim Canon Characters, and join iconic factions.
-Freedom to create OCs.
-Many, many locations based on DC.
-Friendly, and helpful Staff Team.
-Mature, and chill community. Void of toxicity.


So if you think you have what it takes to be a part of the DC Universe, come on in and forge your legend! The Presence is watching.

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Goddess Faith Goddess Faith
Holy Smokes Batman! This server is amazing!
From amazing staff, to great roleplay, DC: Reborn provides some of the most quality roleplay there is.
This server is full of respectful staff and very fun people to talk to! Being in this server is an amazing experience!
Everyone here is literate with their responses which makes the experience so much better!
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DaniMalice DaniMalice
Fish People, Cat People, Bat People!
Why hello! Have you heard of DC: Reborn? No!? Well, let me tell you about it! Not only do we have a fun and funky fresh cast of role players, but we also have an awesome and friendly community ON TOP of Epic Admins who care about your thoughts and suggestions. While the server is still new, we have a lovely and growing community of writers who enjoy hanging out, making stories and enjoying the DC universe! I have not had any personal complaints about the server, there are so many friendly people and we strive to make an awesome and comfortable community. Did I mention we have hot fish girls? Coconuts!? Yes, we even have a Lucifer~! And of course, yours truly~ The best Cat Burglar in the world- the hot, the insatiable Catwoman. Meow~ Join the server, get your feet wet in some adventures and make some friends!