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Super Trades
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Super Trades

This is a brand new discord it is about...
Lots of giveaways 🎁
Legit trades!🔫
Active staff ✅
Nice community 🙂
If you like this stuff then you should join!
ArTiC_Z Bumped 121 days ago

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5 reviews
jackshotgamer jackshotgamer
i love this server, its amazing, ive been there since the start, and it has such nice people, the owner is a good friend of mine, and shes really nice, theres also a battle royale server, which is also amaing! love it!
Zlatan Zlatan
Wonderful server with Excellent Service
Super Trade is the best server for fortnite stw they have everything a fortnite stw player needs
They make sure every trader is legit no scammers In the server if you get scammed
Make sure to record if you didn't do not worry because report that person to a mod and they will investigate

Middle man service
All of the middle men are legit they are all trusted by the most worthy staff of our amazing server

They provide the best of giveaways they giveaway stuff every time they can and they
Make sure the giveaways have a good amount of stuff to make most people happy if they win

So after reading all this if you want to join Super Trades go ahead if you don't it's your loss you will be missing out on lots of cool things I hope to see you in Super trade
Jo Jo
Banned me after everything I’ve done for the server?
Ok so I’ve done a lot for this server. I’ve donated contributed when I was staff then throw me away like a piece of garbage? Just because you think lobby is gonna come with a bunch of alts and bypass the ip!??!!? That really isn’t possible unless you can hack or something like that. So if you think that lobby can overrule you, you’re wrong. But all I want to know is why did you ban me? I could’ve helped if he actually did do that. But No, lobby made you ban me. Thanks a lot 🙏.
SuperSiany123 SuperSiany123
Amazing server with nearly 1000 MEMBERS! You should definitely join it has giveaways and mission helpers