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Black Rose:Pax Rosa
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Black Rose:Pax Rosa

Black Rose Military Roleplay

The year is 2036, and the world's powers have combined under one banner, for the majority. The Black Rose is an international peacekeeping organisation, which is presented in the form of a standalone military. It has presence in every continent worldwide, and all battles a common foe. What will you do to assist the Black Rose?

Multiple Career Options!
-Air Force
-And more to come, as we develop!

Ranks and Respects!
-A ranking system, that is actively referred to.
-Starting as a recruit, you evolve through your training.
-Each choice you make will reflect upon how your superiors see you.
-Everything that happens, will always be remembered by someone.

Active Development!
-Admins who are constantly overseeing and growing the server as best they can.
-Economy setup for ammunition, MREs, uniform and so on.
-Many channels for each section of the Roleplay.
-Vigilant Admins who wish the best for the server.

So, come and pledge your life and human liberties to the Black Rose now. We will be waiting.
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Ratings & Reviews

8 reviews
YouKnowNothing YouKnowNothing
Amazing server!
This has been the most organised server I have ever seen! Their owner is very cute and hardworking, the admins are a bit scary but the server is worth it! They even make their own bots, have a cool VIP system. Cool training and economy systems! Simply, amazing!
Altair Altair
Organized Server
I comend this server as it honestly is one of the most well organized servers on discord. The staff are helpful and with how the Owner has set up their ticket system on the server has really changed the way admins and Owner communicate with those in the server! I 100% recomend joining this military Rp server.
Black Rose Black Rose
The server provides proper training that will actually help you and your character, the server has its own bot and uses many bots to make the server more realistic and interesting, inventory system, economy and achievment hunting add different outcomes to what would be straightforward and monotonous events
Madoka Mapper Madoka Mapper
A realistic roleplay server 10/10
Black Rose, is an incredible roleplay server with an alternative future/history lore and with realistic time for roleplay. The way that the admins and owner work for the server to work is amazing. The use of UnbelievaBoat for the sells and money is also a way to give more realism to the server, the fights and the trainings of the privates are also realistic, being the admins the controlers of each fight or training, roleplaying as DIs or Warrant Officers.
If you like guns, military and realistic roleplay, I suggest you to join this server!

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