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The Kingdoms and Empires RP

Kingdoms & Empires
Through the verdant valleys, over the mountains that form on the horizon in their full splendor, desert's that shine like gold, magical lands across the sea. Faced with myths and legends of yore that cross centuries among peoples, unrivaled adventures in a completely new universe. Come write your story in a fantastic RP that seeks to bring the essence of a creative fantasy, emerged from the ideas of the players.
Based on major concepts like Lord of Rings, Narnia, Game of Thrones and The Elder Scrolls. Kingdom and Empires crosses the great mysteries of mythologies, cultures of dozens of peoples and of course offers breathtaking battles.
A community that does not judge RP ability by offering help as well as seeking mutual fun.
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L0RD_Z00M™ L0RD_Z00M™
The server is not for everyone.

- This server's community is continuously disrespectful and unwilling to follow rules set down by the staff themselves, who often disregard the rules as well. Things such as constant pings (Record for myself was 17 pings directly to me in 20 minutes) and rude, arrogant behavior make the general chat a toxic dump.

- ERP (Also known as Erotic Roleplay) is a major factor here, though people won't admit it, as well as the world's shittiest CRP (Combat Roleplay). Members here will roleplay with a MAXIMUM of a single sentence on any given day or in any given event, acting as if the roleplay is nothing but a place to release sexual desires and intercourse into the air like pollen in spring. I do not recommend any of this to any member below the age of 16.

- Completely Unrealistic. Though it is a fantasy server, members and staff completely disregard almost everything to keep a server organized and promoting realism. Instead, they promote old members to constantly grow armies and abilities like they're shopping at a dollar store: in great amounts and with very little supervision. Many of the factions, items, units, and OC's aren't even looked at before being approved. Why? Because the server is understaffed and those who are staff don't do their jobs, and won't accept help.

- Factions are unable to be created unless another faction falls completely, which in that case you are forced to deal with the larger, overpowered and overcompensating factions making fun of your ideas and lore in general chat, as well as threatening to invade. You will have 0 chance to do anything if this occurs, because of how the staff let these factions gain people and armies in the MILLIONS with equipment and weapons to match a force of gods. Even lore for said factions claims that some have been there since the dawn of time, but with the build and ideas of the faction they would've died in a century, tops.

Overall, this server needs extreme TLC and maintenance that the staff and community are unwilling to provide. Any issues, whether they be civil disputes or otherwise, are completely swept under the carpet without a second thought. I'm amazed that this server has lasted as long as they claim it has, and disappointed to say I was looking forward to roleplaying here. I will continue my attempts to roleplay and try to fit in to the community, however I expect it to be extremely difficult if not impossible with the way this is set up. Thank you for reading.
91 days ago
The purge The purge
A progressive improvement
I am relatively old on this server and I think I have the property to be able to raise questions about other opinions, whether I agree or not.
The server is very good, it has a group of users friendly in several aspects and receptive to new players. So for beginners in Role-Play I REALLY SUGGEST THIS SERVER.
I saw people in some other comments raising points about the drama and arguments, quite partially they are true, fortunately due to staff discussions and the opinions of other players, there was a big improvement in general, transforming the whole community into something less hostile, I can make an allusion like "It was a turbulent phase, but it is over and now it is moving towards a more peaceful stage"
Obviously it is still evolving in general, but it offers a very diverse fantasy atmosphere with a wide range of possibilities, set in medieval European concepts (Crusades, Iglantera and medieval France, etc.) and classical antiquity (ancient Greece, Rome, etc. ).
With many factions that can offer many ideas to the players it is a good option if you want to expand your creativity in a well structured world
There are some negative points, for example, do not expect to be able to use rifles and muskets, because as I have already informed the period in which the RP occurs, there is no such objective.
In general, my sincere opinion is worth the try, suffered some problems but is improving, and offers a friendly community for new users
118 days ago
░▒▓█ dᵒGģⓞ𝔻𝐮Đ€ █▓▒░ ░▒▓█ dᵒGģⓞ𝔻𝐮Đ€ █▓▒░
A good server, still needs improvement
I have been a discord user for a while now... I have seen my ups and downs... But never have I seen a server such as this

For this review, I am going to tell you why it's bad, but also good

Here are the bad things with this server

-The people here are extremely disrespectful, both with the Admins and the People here, the rules are not enforced AT ALL and require more work and

-There are points of ERP here if you don't know what that means it means (Erotic Role Play), Even though it doesn't have tags or say anything about it, so if there was a young person here, they would definitely feel unwelcome and scarred

-The Admins are ineffective in there work, they don't do anything about people who just wish to get in big trouble with the discord community

-The people here are just flat out terrible... It ENCOURAGES violence and erotic stuff, and if you are interested or uninterested in such things, it still is terrible, the service is terrible

The only good thing about this is that it gives you the free will to make any character you wish, and roleplay the way you want to roleplay

I hope this review will enlighten you to what this server holds

I will stay here because the RP is fun, however out of RP, the community is terrible, and requires more work and dicipline
150 days ago
jkraz the consumer jkraz the consumer
My review after a near good, and god awful time here.
So I’m not the type of person to write reviews here, nor am I good at grammar. But here to write a review of the server I spend a decent chunk of time on. In a pros and cons format. So first I’ll start with pros to make it look like this server is good.

Some pros of this server is.. Is what I would say is the vast faction differences and the choices to pick from. Where you can go from Skaven to Dragons To elves. Another pro I would say is the chance to make new friends as there is a lot of people here. Not trying to get repetitive but a third pro is just the community (at least the good side of it). That’s all I can come up with pros. Now onto the cons.

A lot of the cons of this server is the toxicity of some of our members. Not to say any names but if you read this you know who I’m talking about. Where these people don’t listen to your points or attempts at resolution and always think they are right and always argue. Another con is how bad our staff team is at handling and managing the server, there is only 3-4 good staff members while the others a pure garbage. A third con I would have to say is that some people just ERP in the server and not in DMs (which in my opinion I hate). A fourth con from me would just be the very weird and crude conversations in the general chat. I would say this server has its up and downs, as there is always a morningly or nightly conflict every single day that goes unmanaged, which branches into my first and second con.

Other then all that, I would like to thank the people that are apart of this community for one hell of a year, and cheers for another.

-101010101010101010 also known as twomad in the server. <original names right?
165 days ago