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Do you want to join a discord server that is based around gaming, anime, memes, twitch, and more? Look no further, The GirSquad™ Server is just that. We have a variety of ways to play games peacefully with each other. As well as designated place for your NSFW needs. We love to talk about anime (my favorite Sword Art Online, The Rising of the Shield Hero.) We have a meme room for you to post memes but not to NSFW then those are removed and asked to post in the NSFW chat. We have a place where you can promote your Twitch/YouTube streams and or YouTube videos. We have a lot of designated game voice chats and if you are in a voice chat playing a game make sure its in the right one or you will be moved. WE ARE A POSITIVE COMMUNITY AND WE WILL TURN NO ONE DOWN (within reason.) WE ARE WANTING TO HELP EVERYONE GROW AS CONTENT CREATORS.

So if that interest you join today! You won't regret it!
Keviiinn_ Bumped 92 days ago

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