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The Witching Willow
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The Witching Willow

🍃 Welcome to the Witching Willow! 🍃

We are a witchcraft focused server for secular and all religious members that welcomes all ages, races, sexualities, genders, and all levels of knowledge in The Craft.

We continuously strive to provide:
🍃 An active and friendly home
🍃 Informational and discussion channels
🍃 Recommended age 16+
🍃 lgbtq+ friendly
🍃 Private channels for 18+
🍃 Server-wide events
🍃 A place to understand the perspective of various witch types in a structured, yet, fluid wholesome setting
🍃 Multi-layered verification process for new members to reduce interference from trolls
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Ratings & Reviews

4 reviews
WitchyCat WitchyCat
Approves of Drug Use
This Discord server approves of drug use enough to have an official conversation about cannabis use in "the craft." The only good thing I have to say is the conversation was limited to adults, so they weren't actively brainwashing minors to use drugs. Regardless, no one should be exposed to drugs in any remote way.
TundraDragon TundraDragon
Active, Organized, and Friendly!
The server is very active, and there's always someone online to talk to and help you out. The mods also take great care in making sure all helpful spells, tips, and links are easily searchable, allowing you to go back to them. They also take measures to make sure the server stays friendly and open-minded to other friendly and open-minded users. It's overall a great place, and I can't wait to see it grow more! <3
Teesee Teesee
Very friendly and active
The entire server is very well organised and active, with conversations often popping up daily in all different sections of witchcraft every day or so :)
Witch of Leviathan Witch of Leviathan
Active - Beginner Friendly - All Incluvise
A very active server and baby witch friendly, they allow all sorts of Witches, both on the Grey Path, Right Path, and Left path. They even have an 'Advanced Magik' catagory for pro-hex/curse, and other Magik.