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The Pokemon Resort
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The Pokemon Resort

If you're looking for a Pokemon themed social/hangout server, then this is the place for you. Whether you're looking to just chat with people or try making new friends, and whether or not you're a furry, LGBT+, introverted/shy, etc., then you're more than welcome to join (joining just to use the emotes outside of the server is perfectly fine as well). We also have a good variety of different roles to express yourself within the server, such as interest roles and Pokemon themed roles. If you're interested in joining, come check us out.
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Gio the ribbon boi Gio the ribbon boi
Great server
The server is always nice and welcoming and there's (almost) no drama, I would never leave a community like this!
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Comrade Sluggo Comrade Sluggo
Pretty epic, not gonna lie
Good server, good moderators (including me... just kidding.) good people in the server. It’s great, join it, it’s not just furry and Pokémon discussions, general is normally cool people talking about cool things.
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KairuTenashi KairuTenashi
I dont wanna leave this server, no toxic people, you can create friends here as in EZ. it feels like my 3rd or 2nd home.
i would recommend everyone who reads this and join now!
⚡✨Seeker Of Floof✨⚡ ⚡✨Seeker Of Floof✨⚡
The friendliest place you'll ever find
This is one of the most friendliest and welcoming servers I have ever joined, no one will turn you down if you want someone to talk to, if your up for a little bit of fun then as long as you follow the very fair and simple rules you will have no issues whatsoever.
The admins and staff are VERY helpful towards any issues you have and are always up for a bit of a chat if they're not to busy.
The dedication and effort put in to this server is enough to make even the biggest servers out there a little humble and I am so glad to be part of this family :)