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A multi-game server; Making Minecraft Server and have mutiple ROBLOX Games in the Server!
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Mqybe Mqybe
help me
i'm not allowed to rate this anything under 5 stars because i'm an admin. im stuck in a cage under this house near USA Toronto i cant tell you where i am specifically am but this owner guy called nicky keeps telling me that if i rate this under 5 stars he'll psychically and mentally hurt me ( and sometimes sexually ) please send help soon.
190 days ago
Nicholas Nicholas
Great server
This server is a great place to chat and voice chat on for people who like to play ROBLOX, preferably Dungeon Quest. My name is Styca and I’m a Trainee Moderator on the Discord, so if you ever need anything, you can come to me! (:
401 days ago
僕はリンクです 僕はリンクです
Why not
Its great, Friendly and lots of fun! Lots of people are online the sever is organized but dont mess up or you will face the consequences.
406 days ago
Help me. Help me.
plz no
Okay, so how do I type at least 80 characters required to submit a review, while simultaneously having it genuinely and utterly irrelevant to the server being subject to such review?
406 days ago