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Broken Dominion
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Broken Dominion

Ark Ps4 unofficial server. 18+ people only!

5x gathering, 15x breeding & maturation, 5
3x exp. A fun mix of pvp & pve with admin hosted events every week. Color event Booster Packs.
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Tits (o-Dairen-o) Tits (o-Dairen-o)
Awesome Server
Great server. Joined a few months back and loved it, had a break and came back and still love it. Not too much of a grind to make it boring but enough to make it worth it. Community is great and growing. Come and join!!
Moon-Shadow (Moon-Shadow-Fox) Moon-Shadow (Moon-Shadow-Fox)
Great cluster
Great settings and a nice starter pack. Fun mix of pve & pvp. The rules are clear and easy to understand. Admins answered all my questions . It's been fun to play and I plan on staying long term. I like the weekend events as well, very fun and friendly group so far. While they dont have all maps in the cluster I like the mix of maps they do have. It's a nice bonus to have the extinction animals on the other maps as well.