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[RP] Bizarre Days!
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[RP] Bizarre Days!

A Roleplaying server about JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.
It's decent, wanna join?
Mint Bumped 22 days ago

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Mint Mint
About this server.
Well uh, I've been on the server since the very first day. Like some previous review said, it's actually a very nice server. It's kinda slow, and events might take time to take place, but overall everyone there is nice. I've been part of the staff team for a while, the owner, mods and admins are pretty much reasonable people and friendly, I'm sure they'll answer if you have any doubt.
The server also lacks some activity, and as well it need more people to overcome that flaw.
To conclude, I'd like to say that with some work, more people and a bigger staff team (which, gotta say, staff applications have always been open) the server will become greater than other JoJo ones I've been in. I recommend to join.
dwong dwong
Very cool place, can be slow but just needs more active members. Has a lot of very nice staff and people. Just needs more people is all.