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City of Zan [RP]

City of Zan [RP]

The City of Zan is the largest urban city in all of the world to date, built onto an island discovered in the Bermuda Triangle. With countless jobs and career choices, health care and thousands of other amenities Zan has become the capital of the modern world. However, not all is well in the city. In becoming the capital of the natural world, the supernatural have also found their own inside of Zan.

Lycanthrope and Vampires have turned Zan into their own personal hunting grounds, making the nighttime a virtual hornets nest of evil. Witches and warlocks discovered that Zan sits on a nexus of magical potential and have also moved here to utilize its power. And lastly demons who prey on sinners, are blissfully whispering in the ears of whoever they can to bring about the summoning into the mortal realm. These and countless more beings seemingly coming from nowhere have made Zan their home and don’t seem to be wanting to leave anytime soon.

What about you, do you want to become a citizen of Zan? Please, join us?

-We are a BRAND new server looking for a dedicated group of role-players.
-Face real peril where mistakes may cost you your characters life.
-Mature themes (ie; violence and death) though we do not allow ERP to take place in our channels (must take place in DM if you feel the need)
-We do not accept one-liners. We wish to create a serious role-playing environment.
-Ran by an experienced group of discord role-play owners.
-Join our network of role-plays
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Inpurato Inpurato
Fantastic Supernatural World
The owner of this server has taken a lot of time and care into creating an absolutely fantastic world to role-play in. If you're into a darker and mature world -- this is the place to role-play for you. You will not be let down, I promise!

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